It’s been too long!

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on September 12, 2018
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We can produce a number of excuses for not posting a blog for a while, but that’s all it would be, an excuse. As our extended and hot summer draws to close there are a few things going on, keeping everyone in the industry busy. Winter protection and maintenance of your pride and joy. Daily driver of fair weather use, it still needs to be prepared for winter and maintained. See our guides to winter protection.

Its showtime, Automechanika, Frankfurt is currently taking place, this bi annual show is so big, you need a few days to take it in or need to target specific sections, well worth a visit if you are in the industry or just interested to discover how diverse it is?

Closely followed by SEMA, set in Las Vegas, it’s boasts to be the worlds largest car show (although we think the previously mentioned Automechanika will give it a good run for its money). Although the summer has finished, the car shows go on. But this just creates one more question, when will I find time to clean my car? 

Enjoy the autumn, the car shows, the rest... we will be back soon, we promise. We actually have some news, which will help you understand why we haven’t been very active on this blog.

Can business be fun

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on September 18, 2017
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Like most ambitious small business owners, we have a few role models that we look up to and admire. Its fair to say that there probably isn't an exact formula for what makes someone more successful than the other, hard work, determination and passion are taken as a given, but the way different people approach a new challenge is always fascinating. Two massively successful entrepreneurs we have in mind are Lord Alan Sugar and Sir Richard Branson. (Before we continue, its important to point out that we don't actually know either of them and these opinions are based on public information).

Lord Sugars image is one of a more traditional hard nosed business man, smart suits, stern, serious, blunt and to the point. In his autobiography he claims that a lot of his sense of humour and fun side has been knocked out of him by being at the sharp end of a high flying empire (and the media). This is probably the case and we do see the odd glimpse of a dry sense of humour on the apprentice. But they say "even comedy is a serious business!".

Sir Richard Branson on the other hand, appears to waft around partying, almost "hippy like", always has a smile and dresses in a very casual way. We do know that his approach to business is far from casual though. So, looking at two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK and the world, we ask, can business be fun?

We have customers that have played fairly high profile "April fool" pranks. Overall these seem to have worked, but as with all jokes, not everyone gets it and some irreversible damage has been done. We prefer to inject fun, tongue in cheek stunts, rather than jokes. Overall met with positive or underwhelmed reactions, so we wanted to see the reaction to our new bucket sticker. Harmless enough, not to offend, but hopefully enough to get a smile?


If we can have fun and engage with customers in a fun way, we will. However, the fun comes after the best possible customer service we can manage, quality control and professionalism. When we get the balance right, its the best job in the world, taking inspiration from the previously mention big hitters, adding our own twist and reaping the rewards.

The infectiousness of enthusiasm (and true passion)

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on June 05, 2017
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Have you ever heard the saying “if you do what you love, you will never spend a day at work”? Wise words, often recited by successful individuals who have allowed their passion and enthusiasm drive them to success. A success driven by more than financial gain, that almost certainly has had a helping hand from suitably inspired individuals, its infectious!

So what's my point?

A couple of years ago we were approached about “sponsoring an event”, this isn't unusual, but what was unusual was the way we were approached and what followed. As I just mentioned, we get asked a lot about this, but normally decline. But this was different, its hard to put it into words, but something about this approach made us take notice and not just decline (politely of course).

A dedicated event for Jaguar owners and enthusiasts, organised by passionate Jaguar fans and owners. But the real difference was, they weren't requesting free stuff,looking for what they can get, they were asking for support, anything that could make a difference to the enthusiasts and owners that were going to spend a Bank holiday together, talking, eating, living and breathing everything Jaguar, making sure those that made the effort to turn up and support, got something back.

We got involved on a very small scale and the response we received meant we would be continuing our support for this event. On a commercial scale its hard to say if it was a success for us, but that's not the point, although we are a business, the fact that our small contribution had made such a big difference, made us want to be part of it in the future. We are also very passionate about what we do and its the little things that make a big difference! The second event took part over the last May Bank Holiday weekend, once again a success, bigger and better than the year before, so we cant wait for next year! Keep up the good work!

What's next

Plans and organising are already in progress for next year, if you want to be a part of it, follow any of the links within this post, I'am sure you will be welcome.

Long weekends, light nights and good weather, can only mean one thing..

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on April 28, 2017
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The second long weekend of the year, the sun is shining and is set to all weekend (although we all know bank holiday means, guaranteed rain), this can only mean one thing, its showtime! Car shows get busy this time of year, with a massive choice all over the UK from specialist shows, brand specific to general car appreciation shows.

Once again we are sponsoring a few shows. Best Turned out Jag at the free Jaguar event in Brighton, show n shine at the Castle Combe Ford show later in May and a few more to be revealed at a later date. The Scratch Shield is the perfect partner for the car show fan, it can make all the difference. A concours finish isn't easy to achieve or maintain.

Made in Britain

As the Scratch Shield is made in Britain, we are also busy preparing, making sure we have enough products to meet demand through this busy period. We can supply quickly as the product is made here in the UK, but we also made a video, just to drive the point home. Hope you enjoy it?

See you at the shows. Love your paintwork

A week of good news

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on January 26, 2017
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Some great news today, as it is revealed that new cars sales in 2016 were at a record high? This news comes the same week as Bernie Ecclestone gets replaced as the CEO of F1, coincidence? (probably, as we cant see any way to link the two) So whilst half of the country is trying to talk us into a post "Brexit" recession, the other half got their heads down and did well. We have been asked many times, what impact has Brexit made on our business, none is the short answer, but in the longer term it may well have an impact. The truth is, nothing has changed, OK the country has voted to leave, but that's it. We do export to Europe, so it may have an impact, but until such times, we will continue, hopefully following the trend of new car sales. But all in all a great week for the "Automotive" industry.

A picture paints a thousand words

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on November 29, 2016
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They say "a picture paints a thousand words", if that's the case what does a video do? "Going viral" is the phrase we hear all too often, sometimes its something simple like a talking dog, an other may be a choreographed piece of work (even if it is staged to look like amateur footage), never the less, lots of entertainment for everyone. Sometime ago we set out to create a new video, as making videos was not our strength (and we didn't have a Hollywood budget), we were inspired by this video from Dollar Shave Club. On the face of it, it's simple, funny, low budget and gets the message across. Reality is Mike is a lot smarter than he would let on and that video not only went viral, but it crashed the main website, due to the interest it created. Mike and Dollar Shave Club went on to have amazing success and reportedly selling the business for $1Billion (USD).

So how hard can it be? Very, would be our short answer! We don't have any comedians within our company, limited imagination and resources, we decided to be a little more conservative. After a very long, cold day of filming, even longer days selecting footage and editing, we finally launched our new video last week. We know it doesn't come close to Dollar Shave Club and its certainly no masterpiece, but it tells the story of our products. But is that good enough in these days of social media and viral videos? We don't know, but for now, it will have to be. We concentrate on what we are good at and when the day comes, where we can make a funny, entertaining and informative video, we will.

Added value of "Made in Britain"

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on August 22, 2016
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We have visited this topic before on the blog, but this week we celebrate officially becoming members of the prestigious “Made in Britain Campaign”. Added to our Olympic success, it seems like a good time to be patriotic.

Made in Britain is something we are very proud of, but, if we were to be totally honest, it happened more by chance (you can read about this in our previous post). Here in the UK we can be very resourceful, creative and competitive with the rest of the world. The Scratch Shield and seat Lid are 100% designed, manufactured and packaged in the UK! It may also be a surprise (until you think about it a little more) that the UK, despite being a small island, is a major player in the export industry.

Made in Britain” actually adds value to some export markets. Maybe they appreciate that we have high standards? Whatever the reasons for them wanting our products, we are proud that we contribute to the British manufacturing industry. We are also very proud of the quality of our products, which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee, but realise its no coincidence that Made in Britain and quality are so often used in the same sentence.

Although its off topic, we would also like to offer our congratulations to “TEAM GB”, its a fantastic achievement to make it to the Olympics, but to win so many medals, once again showing that we are “GREAT Britain”.


Is it OK to wash my vehicle in the sun?

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on May 09, 2016
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In the UK, we are currently experiencing a mini heatwave. Clear skies, beautiful sunshine and temperatures we normally expect on the continent. This change in the weather does increase the amount of people that venture outside, the appropriately named "fair weather" detailers/valeters. The question that comes up every heat wave is, IS it OK to wash my vehicle in the sun?

The answer isn't a straight forward one, but hopefully our explanation will help you make an informed decision and get the best from your washing experience.

You will have almost certainly witnessed a Rainbow and seen a similar effect when water is sprayed into the air on a sunny day? If you haven't, try it! The reason for the rainbow is, each droplet of water is like a lense,  refracting the light and magnifying it. Magnifying the suns rays increases the chances of damaging your vehicles paint. If you then add in shampoo etc, the end results could be catastrophic. Emphasis on COULD BE!


In our free guide to Scratch Free washing, we recommend that you avoid washing in direct sunlight, but if you can not avoid it, wash small areas at a time, remove shampoo and excess water and dry the paint as quickly as possible. Hotter climates should take extra care.

Its not just the paintwork that you need to be careful of, glare from paint, glass, chrome etc. could damage your eyes and when there is water in the atmosphere, you can often feel a bit cooler, not realising the full impact of the sun, resulting in burnt skin, without realising.

Overall we would recommend that you don't wash your vehicle in direct sunlight, but if you cant avoid it, take care and follow our guidelines.


Love your Paintwork

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on February 24, 2016
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Love your paintwork


Valentines saw us launch our “Love your paintwork” campaign and just like “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas” Love your paintwork isn't just for valentines!


For fun we wrote a little poem,




My love for you is deeper than your gloss,

but pesky scratches can mean it's lost.


For hours I slave to protect your shine,

reflecting in the streets we drive.


A perfect finish is what we yield,

with every wash we use the Scratch Shield.



Love your paintwork ™


But on the serious side, it doesn't have to be hard work keeping your paintwork in good condition and if you care enough to wash your vehicle, why not make the modest investment and use a Scratch Shield? Its a tool that will help you. Have this helpful guide for free and enjoy your Scratch Free paintwork.


Christmas opening hours

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on December 16, 2015
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It is the season to be jolly and as a direct result post and courier services are restricted and overworked. The last day for processing orders will be Wednesday 23rd December 2015 and we can not guarantee delivery before Christmas. There will be email and telephone support for any technical questions until Thurday 24th 12pm. We will be back to normal Tuesday 29th, orders will be processed, but deliveries will be subject to the couriers. Normal service will resume January 4th 2016. We wish you a happy and healthy festive season and a prosperous New Year.

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