We can produce a number of excuses for not posting a blog for a while, but that’s all it would be, an excuse. As our extended and hot summer draws to close there are a few things going on, keeping everyone in the industry busy. Winter protection and maintenance of your pride and joy. Daily driver of fair weather use, it still needs to be prepared for winter and maintained. See our guides to winter protection.

Its showtime, Automechanika, Frankfurt is currently taking place, this bi annual show is so big, you need a few days to take it in or need to target specific sections, well worth a visit if you are in the industry or just interested to discover how diverse it is?

Closely followed by SEMA, set in Las Vegas, it’s boasts to be the worlds largest car show (although we think the previously mentioned Automechanika will give it a good run for its money). Although the summer has finished, the car shows go on. But this just creates one more question, when will I find time to clean my car? 

Enjoy the autumn, the car shows, the rest... we will be back soon, we promise. We actually have some news, which will help you understand why we haven’t been very active on this blog.