Scratch Shield bucket filter system

Washing your car can always be a gamble between achieving a highly desired glass like finish and a dulling the paintwork by adding swirl marks and scratches, as if your sponge/mitt touches the bottom of the bucket picking up sharp grit, you are more likley to abrade your paint work than polish it...

Not any more, ScratchShield creates a one way filter system providing a barrier between your sponge/mitt and unseen harmful grit and debris lurking at the bottom of your bucket.


 Creates a protective barrier in the bottom of the bucket to prevent you picking
      up dirt and debris as you wash your vehicle, reducing your chances of scratching.

 Will fit in most buckets, so you can use your existing buckets.

 It can be adjusted to ensure a good & stable fit into your chosen bucket,
      reducing the chances of it tipping over.

 Its swirl pattern and legs act as “baffle plates” to reduce the chance of creating
      a “vortex” and moving the trapped dirt and debris above the shield.

 Great value, you can use “the two bucket method wash and rinse”
       method without breaking the bank.

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