The second long weekend of the year, the sun is shining and is set to all weekend (although we all know bank holiday means, guaranteed rain), this can only mean one thing, its showtime! Car shows get busy this time of year, with a massive choice all over the UK from specialist shows, brand specific to general car appreciation shows.

Once again we are sponsoring a few shows. Best Turned out Jag at the free Jaguar event in Brighton, show n shine at the Castle Combe Ford show later in May and a few more to be revealed at a later date. The Scratch Shield is the perfect partner for the car show fan, it can make all the difference. A concours finish isn't easy to achieve or maintain.

Made in Britain

As the Scratch Shield is made in Britain, we are also busy preparing, making sure we have enough products to meet demand through this busy period. We can supply quickly as the product is made here in the UK, but we also made a video, just to drive the point home. Hope you enjoy it?

See you at the shows. Love your paintwork