How it works

The Scratch Shield helps guard against grit and debris which collects at the bottom of your bucket during the washing process. The Scratch shields keep the mitt or sponge away from the collected debris and the adjustable legs ensure a good stable fit, also creating a “baffle” to reduce the risk of creating a vortex and re-circulating the debris and grit.

How it works

 Instructions & Benefits

 Place Scratch Shield in the bottom of your bucket.

 Everytime you put your sponge / mitt in the water, wipe it against the filter top  to wipe away the grit / debris.

 Grit / debris stops at the bottom of the bucket.

 Everytime you put your sponge / mitt in the bucket the Scratch Shileld prevents the grit / debris being transferred back on to your vehicle.

 Your vehicle receives a wash safe from grit / debris being abraded over your cherished paintwork.

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