When the sun is shining there is little more satisfying than making your pride & joy gleam and sparkle, that is until it becomes too hot! Then there is the winter, do people stop washing their vehicles in the winter? If this was the case, there would only be a few days of the year that would be suitable to wash your pride and joy.


Like everything, there are the “hardcore” and the fair weather participants. If you are based in Europe, winter can be wet, cold and unpleasant, the roads throw up all kinds, attacking the paint finish on your pride and joy, so for many they consider it the most important time of the year to wash their vehicles, regularly and properly.


It may be coincidence, but the biggest aftermarket and accessory shows are always at the end of the season. SEMA (Specialist, Equipment, Manufacturers Association) billed as the biggest car show in the world, starts in Novemebr. OK this is held in Nevada, where it is either hot or really hot, but the USA has almost 52 different climates. Then here in Europe we have the Bi-annual “Automechanika” Frankfurt and “Equip Auto”, Paris, both late September/October.


So is car washing a fair weather activity? Our experience is, for a few yes, but for the majority keeping their vehicles clean is an all year round necessity. we do see seasonal fluctuations, but the reality is, the difference between the highs and lows, is not that significant. If you are passionate about your paint, very little will stop you from looking after it! For our free winter guide to paint care, click here.