What links Halloween with Detailing?


You could make a number of tenuous links between the two, scary finish, frightening prices, techniques or sometimes people, but the real link in our opinion is, “cobwebs, spiders webs”.

 Have you ever noticed how some vehicle paint finishes are mirror like, wet looking, sharp and crisp, yet others are quite ordinary or dull? Its not just old cars, but often fairly new vehicles can suffer with these paint defects? Think of your paintwork as a mirror, clean and free from cracks, you get a perfect reflection, now look at a cracked mirror, the reflection is distorted. Paintwork is very similar, if you have surface scratches, swirls, defects its just like a looking into a cracked mirror, the light/reflection doesn't bounce straight off it, giving a true reflection, it gets distorted. Potentially it is easier to repair your vehicles paint than it is a cracked mirror, but be warned, every time you polish, you are taking away layers of lacquer/clear coat.

 In our very biased opinion, prevention is better than cure, so careful wash practice is our first recommendation, it doesn't have to be a chore, but a few good habits will help you keep your paintwork free from Halloween horrors!