If you have read any of our previous blogs, you will almost certainly be familiar with the fact that our products are made in the UK and we are naturally very proud of the fact. We are also proud to export to many different countries, but we under estimated the added value that "Made in Britain" brings to our range of products.

From the outset we assumed that manufacturing in the far east was the way forward, but we quickly discovered the UK was highly competitive. More by luck than judgement we found a toolmaker and injection moulder that were "on par" financially with other quotes from overseas (this was without disclosing any information), so when we reviewed everything, it became apparent very quickly, that there were added advantages to manufacturing in the UK. Language/communication was the most obvious advantage, but as we grew and started to expand, the importance of quality control and order lead times, really drove home the message, just imagine if...

Now another very obvious reason is in the news every day, China, one of the main sources for manufacturers is in major economic meltdown. Although these recessions are seen by a few as a way of eliminating weak businesses, for us it created another imagine if.. moment.

It also turns out that quite a lot of people like the fact that we contribute in a small to to the British manufacturing industry, another reason to be proud!