Wash your car and get fit


There is a certain irony that we drive almost everywhere and then go (by car) to the gym and spend 20 minutes running on a treadmill like a hamster. But that’s just modern life isn’t it?

The activity of cleaning the car, regardless of how vigorous, will still count towards your daily cardio workout, but so far we haven’t had a boffin put into writing, how many calories. Also having a satisfying cup or glass of something at the end, while you admire your efforts, often undoes the previous workout.


Mens health magazine have gone one further with this article, it seems to kill two birds with one stone, but how many people will try it? Those that try it, will they stick to it?

Ok, I get the point about driving to the gym, I can also see some health and fitness benefits to making washing the car a “workout”, but really can you imagine the average home car washer doing “bucket curls” to pump their arms etc? It will be very entertaining in suburbia if they do!