Hosepipe restriction


If you have lived in the UK for more than twelve months, this is a phrase you will almost certainly have heard, depending on the region, you might hear it more frequently. What baffles most of us is, we have one of the wettest summers on record (2012), one of the longest, coldest, wettest winters (2012-13), one week of beautiful sunshine and boom, some parts of the country are subject to a hosepipe ban.


As frustrating as this is, the decisions are made by people in power and we have no direct access to them. But we do have access to, are the facts.

  1. This is a hosepipe ban, not a car (vehicle) wash ban. So you can use a watering can, buckets of water and various other ingenious devices which will carry water onto your vehicle.
  2. Restrictions and bans are normally “domestic” restrictions and using a hose for commercial purposes is acceptable. Please check with your local authority!
  3. We believe that more than ever you should use a bucket filter. If you are being responsible or are subject to a restriction, then you will almost certainly be using less water. That is great for the environment, but not so good for those little particles, often invisible that are normally washed off the vehicle surface, when using liberal amounts of water. Better to be safe than sorry.

So be responsible and check with your local authority, use the least amount of water, regardless of the hosepipe ban and check if it restricts domestic or commercial activity.


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