Love him or hate him, he has been the talk of the media for the last week, cynics might suggest that this has just been a publicity stunt (a very well executed one) to boost the ratings, others may think that, this time, Jeremy Clarkson has gone too far! In his recent column, he makes reference to dinosaurs, ironically there are plenty of people that would compare the man himself to such a creature, but almost one million people (accurate at the time of publishing)  are willing to put their name to a “bring back Clarkson” online campaign. His article suggests that it is time for him to leave Top Gear/BBC, regardless of what the outcome from the "enquiry" is. In our opinion, Top Gear has lost its way in more recent times, possibly as a result of Mr Clarkson trying to keep it "fresh" and avoid extinction? But jokes comparing recent episodes of Top Gear to last of the summer wine, may have reached the higher levels at the BBC and increased the pressure on the presenters and production team? We think its fair to say, he wont be off our screens for long, he has plenty of talent, but has maybe just got a little bit too big for his boots? You cant go around hitting people, regardless of how much you believe they deserve it! Instant dismissal at the majority of work places, regardless of talent or popularity!